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Technical Specifications: VA Rating: 900VA/12V; Peak Load: 756W; Output Voltage: 200- 220V (inver..
Rs9,690 Ex Tax: Rs9,690
Pure Sine Wave Inverter Capacity : 1100VA Rated Power : 924 W LED Display Turbo mode to i..
Rs9,750 Ex Tax: Rs9,750
Sine Wave Inverter Capacity – 650 VA, Rated Power – 546 W Supports single battery 24 Month ..
Rs7,180 Ex Tax: Rs7,180
Technical Specifications: VA Rating: 700VA/12V; Peak Load: 560W; Output Voltage: 200- 220V (inver..
Rs7,540 Ex Tax: Rs7,540
Pure Sine Wave technology Capacity 800VA, Rated Power 672W 24 Month Warranty Faster battery..
Rs8,590 Ex Tax: Rs8,590
Type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter Voltage: 180V-250V x 230V Frequency: 50 x 50 W x H: 29 x 21 c..
Rs6,600 Ex Tax: Rs6,600
Material:Plastic, Color:Blue Package Contents:1 Inverter Technology: Tubular, Sine Wave Cap..
Rs9,660 Ex Tax: Rs9,660
Luminous Eco Volt+1550/12V Ups - 1550/12V Ups Sine Wave Inverter Luminous Inverter with Battery..
Rs11,200 Ex Tax: Rs11,200
Sine Wave Inverter Capacity – 1500 VA, Rated Power – 1260 W Supports Double battery 24 ..
Rs11,320 Ex Tax: Rs11,320
Pure Sine Wave technology Capacity : 650VA, Rated Power : 546 W Support single battery Comp..
Rs7,180 Ex Tax: Rs7,180
Sine Wave Inverter Capacity 700 VA, Rated Power 588W W Supports single battery 24 Month War..
Rs7,540 Ex Tax: Rs7,540
India's most trusted Home UPS for rural and semi-urban areas with in-built heavy duty charger that c..
Rs10,600 Ex Tax: Rs10,600
•Square Wave technology •Capacity 1100VA, Rated Power 924W •Rapid battery charging at low ..
Rs9,550 Ex Tax: Rs9,550
Brand Livguard Output Voltage (UPS Mode) 200V~ 230V ± 10% ..
Rs20,000 Ex Tax: Rs20,000
Brand Livguard Output Voltage (UPS Mode) 200V~ 230V ± 10% ..
Rs51,000 Ex Tax: Rs51,000